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Patience, Grace, Love.

I consider these things when dealing with myself and people. I am surrounded by those that are wounded just like me. But aren't we all wounded in someway?

We are all covered in our blood trying to wipe off the blood on someone else's face. Detachment is required for healing. It is still love, to love from afar. Not enabling them, simply encouraging them as your own wounds begin to heal. Certain words may trigger, sting, or even open up the gash more. Silence is needed. Love them in the space they've created for you, don't force it.

..."Just give me space, just give me a safe place to heal. Don't force me out the house, I am revisiting some traumas so that I can face them. I gave you access to the living room but, not the kitchen nor, my bedroom. Don't force yourself into my quiet place. But stay in the area that I've given you, so that when I'm ready I'll know you haven't left because of the conditions that I'm in."

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