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Lola, a native of Puerto Rico, was raised by creative and driven parents and fostered her passion for the arts. Seeking an escape from the monotony of society, she found solace in the modeling and acting industry. Captivated by the hustle of New York City, she planted her flag and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Lola fearlessly navigated unfamiliar territories, including China and India, immersing herself in cultures and languages unknown to her.


Despite the challenges, her determination to "figure it out" prevailed.

Her ambitious spirit led to collaborations with renowned clients such as Sketchers, Neiman Marcus, Head and Shoulders, Makeup Forever, Redken, Tresemmè, Ebay, Revlon, and Avon. As she flourished in the bustling city, Lola's identity began to crystallize. She emerged not just as a model and actress but as an artist, with a fervor for writing and a humor that could brighten anyone's day, both on and off the camera.

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