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Fate of a Fool

There once was a king who carried generational wealth, a cheerful giver he was to all. Above the courts was a young man named Yoseph who served in the land of Shurdha. Humility and gratitude rested on his heart as he worked for the king making an honest wage. The young man was very poor yet a dreamer, he aspired to someday have riches like his master king. Knowing that excellence would capture his attention, he worked relentlessly.

On his way home, Yoseph came across a wise man. He gave Yoseph stones that were in a forgotten cave.

"Do not let go of these until you find what you are searching for."

The king found favor in Yoseph and he sent for him.

"I have watched how you've handled the palace as if it were your very own."

He leads him to the different areas of the castle...

"I will put you in charge of all, appointing you as a commissioner over the land."

He eagerly presents a room that stored treasures. Diamonds, rubies, and art pieces. At the end of the room was a lavender linen robe, a robe that would be a declaration to all about Yoseph's role.

"I order that no one in Shurdha shall do anything without your permission."

A royal ring was bestowed to Yoseph.

Yoseph gripping onto the stones in his pocket, remained silent as he looked around the room.

His face was grieved, as he remembered what the wise man had told him.

Yoseph returned the ring to the king and walked away.

The king sighed...

"Wisdom cannot be imparted."

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17 comentarios

Glenroy Clarke
Glenroy Clarke
16 dic 2020

I really enjoy your style of writing. I think this is on of my favorites. The way I read it. To me, Yosef seems like he was holding out for something better, but will it ever come? He is the fool. Wisdom can't be taught. It was everything he had worked for, but now that there was a promise of something more, something else he didn't want it. I almost think he wanted something he didn't earn. He is holding out for an imaginary greater outcome. We are all guilty of that at times. Great story!

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
13 sept 2020

Fetching Wordsmithing

Me gusta

Aida Jimenez
Aida Jimenez
10 jul 2020

Love how this short story is written, reminds me of the short stories I’ve read in elementary school. Your writing style is definitely I can see in kids and adults being able to relate to or learn a lesson from.

Me gusta

Having read this story several times, I interpreted it as the man not considering the gifts as gain worthy as it was not on his own merit. Not something he gained from his own sweat and tears. I feel like he wasn't happy with his situationand his goals may not align with that of the gifts he was given. In some way, I see myself in this guy's place as someone who prefers to gain my fortune, and not being handed anything, than the option of it being given and can be taken away if I don't find favour in someone's eyes.

I think it was well done and extremely relatable. And we can find ourselves in the character, whether…

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Alexis Manson
Alexis Manson
08 jul 2020

Yoseph teaches us a valuable lesson of the spirit of humility and discernment. His aura captured the eyes of the wise man. The wise man left him with spiritual gems in the form of guidance that would serve to be beneficial to him when tested.

Well written, it really allows the reader to sit back and meditate on this thought-provoking proverb so we can insight & understanding.

Well done!

Me gusta
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