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Between the Walls

The subconscious mind is powerful. It warns us when something is wrong, keeping us up at night. Our conscious mind is in denial, which is the persona that we want/pretend to be in front of others. Yet our actions and habits yell out what the subconscious mind wants to reveal to us...

We avoid the obvious and continue being a walking bad habit, while dressed in our best suits and dresses. Knowing that in our homes are traces and reminders of the truths that we fail to admit. Your intentions and surfaced cleanings may be good at the moment but the real problem is living between the walls of our perfect "mansion". Screaming for an exterminator to come and eliminate the intruders of your dwelling place. How long must we live in avoidance of our truths? "Hosting parties" and living as personas having it all together ignoring the nest hiding in the corners of our home.

As a society we've latched ourselves to many spiritual and mental viruses. The only way to eliminate them is to pull from it's root , this is accomplished through isolation, which is a painful process.

I myself am guilty of this, these weeks of quarantine and isolation has revealed to me what God has been telling me "Slow down, be still, there is an intruder in your temple let me exterminate them so that you may rest."

"LONELINESS. DEEP PROFOUND SENSE OF LONELINESS AND GRIEF" seeped through my lungs as I sobbed in confession. Not loneliness that comes from a lack of company, the corners of my heart had built nest since childhood. The feces were my bad habits and reactions to situations of my life. The sounds of their feet would keep me up at night, with deep sags under my eyes I would rise in the morning and put on my best face for all to see. Hosting and extending invites to the world, serving royal food on contaminated plates.


Photography by: Peter-Lippmann

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