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Haunted houses

How many of us know someone that has had a traumatic childhood experience? How many of us know someone that has been in an unhealthy relationship?

I know many, almost all my friends have been through trauma or been in an abusive relationship.

Coming from a background of abuse, my parents raised me as best as they could. I love them for that. Still the attempt didn't have positive results. A generational curse of abuse of all sorts was spreading like a disease in my family. I was living in a haunted house. All seemed comfortable and familiar but I decided to escape, as painful as it was. Why you may ask? My future family. My future husband. My babies.

I was crawling out of a warfare, because I was tugged by those whom I knew all my life. The fear of abandonment and isolation from the rest of my family was always a concern. The separation felt as if our skins were ripped apart from each other, and here I am trying to live life ignoring the fact that there are massive wounds open. There were those that were in front of the house, eager to start a conversion with someone carrying lacerations all over. I fumbled, I stammered. Some were kind, some left, some loved, while others prayed.


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