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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

How many of us have met people that you've prayed for? People that have shown you a different way of living and thinking? We may feel that they are our soulmate, and some aren't meant to be our soulmates for romance but a genuine friendship.

Then in an instant, a trigger is set off. A misspoken word, a body movement, a cautious stare. Both parties pull back, and see each other in their most vulnerable, raw, naked state. No longer do we see our "soulmates" but the reminder of a deep wound that has yet been treated.

I've come to a place where I understand the importance of timing. I have rushed and forced my way into things that weren't ready for me. Things that weren't for me in general. I have met incredible people that I have prayed for, they understood me. But the timing was not right. Prayed to God to surface my wounds so that He can heal them. Catching myself in situations where I face my hidden unforgiveness and rage. The mask has fallen off and all the world saw me...naked. I've had to drop certain friendships because we were going to hurt each other, promising that we will revisit at another time.

The best relationship at the wrong time are still . . . the wrong relationships.

The right money, with the wrong mindset is still . . . the wrong money.

Better to wait a while than to get sick from indulging, out of excitement in things that are not ready for us.


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1 Comment

In an instant, I am reminded of friendships I've lost over the years as a result of bad timing and my bad habits but also forcing it. And the quote at the end ties it together so well

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